Baptism Celebration!

Written by: Levi Stuckey Posted on: July 13, 2017 Blog: Stories



Brett Yungmann shared that now God has used the people of his past and Crossroads to bring about a saving faith in his life. He said he now feels conviction of things in his life which he never used to think twice about. Along with that he shared that he's excited to continue growing in Jesus and is so thankful for the fellowship and support that he's found within the family of Crossroads!


Chad and Felicia Stuckey shared that along with the gift of faith in Christ, God has given them tremendous peace in their family. They shared that their faith has helped them in parenting declaring that Christ has helped them view their children a joy and blessing instead of a nuisance. They both said they are less easily angered or agitated and the drama of life is far less earth shattering!

Tiffany Thompson declared that by God's grace, Jesus is helping her live free from heroine. She confessed that she grew up knowing about God but has since realized that knowing about God and believing in God are not the same thing. Through faith in Christ she knows that although God might not make your life easy, He promises to always be there for you no matter what and that gives her hope and strength!

IMG_0331.JPGChris Armstrong wasn't sure if he was ready to be baptised because he didn't know if his life was clean enough. But after talking with Levi he realized that God doesn't expect us to clean ourselves up before we can have a relationship with Him. Chris shared that he knows he's not perfect and that when he makes mistakes he talks to God about them and seeks forgiveness through faith in Christ!


Dalayna Ashbaugh shared that God has used her parents, church, and miracle camp in bringing her to faith in Christ. He now seeks to love people at her school and serve Christ the best she can as a response to the way Jesus loves her.


Emma Wichman shared that God has given her very evident joy in her life. Youth group and Church have really helped her know God more personally and as a response to Jesus' grace Emma serves with joy and passion where ever she's needed!