Written by: Levi Stuckey Posted on: May 16, 2018 Blog: Stories


Recently, I've been looking for ways to get more involved in the Henry County community and so last month I decided to serve once a month at the Henry County Senior Center. I called up Sandy Blackwood and asked her what days would be the most helpful for me to come. She told me that their busiest day is by far the 3rd Wednesday of the month. So I made it a standing appointment in my calendar.

Last month I served coffee and as I was sitting with the staff, I over heard them express a need to have someone sponsor next month's 3rd Wednesday meal, Birthday Bash and Bingo!

Crossroads has some budgeted dollars for just such things so I said that Crossroads would be happy to sponsors the meal and Bingo, although Wes would have to practice up on his calling capabilities.

Well, today was the day!

Crossroads did a fantastic job donating prizes and some of our generous folks' tithe dollars went to sponsor a meals for just over 100 seniors.

It was a blessing and an honor to serve our seniors and we look forward to doing it again.

Crossroads is always looking for more opportunities to be an assest to our community and serve within the context of what folks are already doing around town. If you know of other types of opportunities like this please pass them a long to Wes or Levi!