Finding Your Replacement For Service Slots

First off, thank you so much for serving at Crossroads. The ministry of Crossroads Church would not happen without you. Thanks for sacrificing some of your time in service to the Kingdom of Jesus! Our Church is a better place because of your contribution!!

So you're scheduled to serve but an emergency has come up and are no longer available, no problem. Here are the steps you need:

  1. Find your replacement and swap dates with them. (Directions below)
  2. After you've made an attempt to find a replace and/or have a replacement you need to contact your respective ministry leader to notify them of the switch so they can update the schedule in planning center.
    1. Kid's Connection Club Teachers and Teen Helpers Contact (email, call or text):
      1. Abby Nafziger at or 419.551.1059
    2. Nursery Worker (email, call or text)::
      1. Ashley Rickner at or 614.632.6635
    3. Child Check-in Volunteer (email, call or text)::
      1. Julianna Rettig at or 419.308.1113
    4. Audio/Visual Volunteer (email, call or text)::
      1. Kevin Miller at or 419.579.0016
    5. Worship Team Member (email, call or text - phone preferred):
      1. Caleb Nafziger at or 419.551.1059

Need some help finding a replacement? Follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your planning center profile via the mobile app (Apple) (Android) or desktop site and log in. (Need help logging in? Look Here.)
  2. You'll see something like this when you open the app. Click the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  1. The menu will open something like this. Click the people icon.
  1. That will open a list of all the volunteers at Crossroads. Click the filter at the top right.
  1. In the filter, select your ministry.
  1. In your ministry, select the team where you serve.
  1. Select done.
  1. This will bring up all the folks in your respective team. Start at the top and contact the people to find your replacement.
  1. Selecting a person will bring up their contact info: