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A scandalous love hosea

Hosea 6 Repentance: A Lifestyle of Helplessness

Length: 31:49 Speaker: Levi Stuckey Date: September 25, 2016 Series: Scandalous Love

Nothing is more honoring to a father than when one of his children cries out to him from their helplessness, "Daddy, fix it!" Just like a little toddler, we are utterly helpless before God. Embracing our helplessness not only honors Him as our...

A scandelous love hosea

Hosea 4-5 Don't Run, Repent

Length: 37:17 Speaker: Levi Stuckey Date: September 18, 2016 Series: Scandalous Love

What's leading you away from God? Sin is subtle and sneaky. If we don't guard our hearts, we will quickly be lead away from God to places we never intended to go.